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Warranty & Return
3 Layer Warranty

All products provided by are vender original new products, not been used. Generally, all products provided by us, will come with standard vender like 1 year warranty. Before delivery to you, all products need pass our 3 layer warranty procedure.

1-layer Inspection
All in-stock items arrives, first will pass our engineer inspection, at this stage, some appearance defect items will be selected and removal.
2-layer In-stock test
Further more, to guarantee our Philosophy, Quality First, Reputation First and Customers First, will power on test each of every board in our TESTbed, before register in our inventory system.
3-layer 24 hour pre-delivery test
Before delivery, chassis and boards will power on again with a 24-hour- uninterrupted test procedure on U2000 NMS, need to pass all software compatibility test, system integration test and hardware reliability test, to make sure any delivery products are perfect without any alarms.

Some scratching or copper rust might be seen' on some modules, that may caused by carrying. inserting in/out from chassis during our in-stock and pre-delivery testing. In normal condition, the scratching and rust are very slightly. This case is very few, our sales team will get your confirmation before delivery to you.

This warranty does not apply to any failure of the equipment as a result of abuse, accident, man force damage, nature force majeure, lack of proper maintenance, environmental factors, improper installation or configuration, electrical issues such as lightning, power surges or incorrect electrical voltages, or improper modifications.
Return & Replace
Two ways to trigger RAM procedure
Offline customers:
you may directly email your sales representative. Our sales representative will contact you within 12 hours.
Online customers:
enter into "my account" → "order history" → "order information" → click "return"

Our sales team will contact you within 12 hours, and co-work with technical team to analyze the problem you submitted.

Fault location and trouble shooting will leads to the following 3 results.


We will reship the goods in the following situations:

  • Our wrong order processing lead you received the wrong products.
  • You received product dead on arrival (fail to power on when initial use)
  • If the above two conditions occur, we will reship your ordered cargo immediately.

    Please note: any compatibility issue are exclusive, like system software compatibility, interconnect compatibility. Our sales team will confirm with you before order delivery, we are not responsible for any unconfirmed cases.


    Confirmed it is malfunction during warranty time, we need you assist to return back, in the following 30 working days, since we received your return products, there have 3 situations:

    After the analysis of our engineers, if it is a problem during use, such as improper use of the method or operation, after receiving your return:

  • We will repair well and reship to you;
  • If it can't be fixed, we will replace a new one to you;
  • If both failure for above mentioned 2 situation, we will refund to you;
  • Please note: any damage caused by improper use are exclusive, like optical laser burn down.


    Return procedure closed or rejected

  • Problem caused by wrong configuration, and been solved.
  • Any failure of the equipment as a result of abuse.
  • RAM cost during return
    We are responsible for the cost of return reverse logistics and the cost of reship.
    Generally speaking, the reverse logistics costs incurred by the return are responsible by the customer, and the logistics freight cost incurred by the reship will be responsible by us.
    Please note that all the logistic responsible should obey the order/contract terms, that if you order terms is EXW China, then you need return cargo back to China, and our reshipment only responsible for the inland China section, you need contact your logistic partner or forwarder for international section.

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